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IoT and automation in the right tools can provide bottom line results for businesses. In this webinar, we explore how IoT has changed the world of plumbing to create efficiencies for those who maintain the plumbing systems and cost savings for building owners. We will also take a deeper dive into IoT for grease interceptor monitoring as an example of what IoT can do.

Three-year or less ROIs are common with the SmartPro grease monitoring system through reduced operating costs while enhancing regulatory compliance and adding protection against catastrophic downstream sewer backups. It is easy to see why IoT in plumbing is not a fad because of the improved business outcomes with products like SmartPro.

Learn more about IoT in plumbing as well as about what SmartPro is, what SmartPro does, and how IoT and SmartPro can advance your business goals as a facility owner, engineer, plumber, or maintenance professional.

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